Posteado por: Unia | junio 30, 2007

S.K.I.N Concert

That’s right people. Today, at 3:30 pm S.K.I.N will be having it’s debut concert at this year’s Anime Expo. Though obviously I wasn’t able to attend I’m still excited to know that it’ll be happening. For all of us who were not able to attend, is something really really sad, almost heartbreaking lol. But for those lucky who got their place, it must be really exciting. I hope everything goes right for Gackt, Miyavi, Yoshiki and Sugizo and for all the fans who will be supporting them. Well…. I’m not gonna see them this time, but hopefully some day…

 So everyone, this shall be remenbered as a day of massive suicides….kidding ^^ (hopefully there won’t be any)

Now, I leave you with some pictures of S.K.I.N members.

220px-sugizo04.jpg Sugizo (Luna Sea)

 gackt_yei.jpg Gackt

yoshiki.jpg Yoshiki (X Japan)

miyavi.jpg Miyavi



  1. si es una verdadera lastima el no haberlos podido ver… pero algun dia… no muy cercano… pero los veremos! tenemos que! …. ya te dije que algun dia viajaremos a Japon y los conoceremos! y seremos muy felices! por lo pronto solo nos queda esperar a que ese dia llegue jaja..
    Bye.bye! (:

  2. vaya ese miyavi es taaaaan androgino….
    y ese pinche gackt es tan apue…..digo esteee ….tiene buena voz si eso ehhhh……


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